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                  Accele-tech’s multiphase catalytic reactor

                  Accele-tech’s multiphase catalytic reactor can eliminate expensive sludge disposal charge.

                  Our multiphase catalytic reactor’s operating mechanism is based on the advanced oxidation technology utilizing ozone. The reactor combines the oxidizing property of ozone and catalyzing property of our unique catalyst according to different wastewater characteristics; therefore, it has strong pertinence. The test results indicated that our reactor can remove more than 20% of COD, phenol and ammonia nitrogen. 
                  In comparison with traditional Fenton oxidation process, Accele-tech’s multiphase catalytic reactor used during wastewater pretreatment does not generate sludge (hazardous waste) and secondary pollution. This process unit can save up to 10 million CNY of disposal charge for wastewater treatment plants annually.

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